Class Descriptions

Sunrise Yoga

An early morning get-up-and-go session for folks who are familiar with basic yoga asanas. The class will follow Ayurveda principles for balancing the constitutional doshas of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha.

~ led by Celeste

Mixed Levels Yoga

A multi-level session for the enthusiastic and bold and for the novice stepping out to explore and to learn new skills in body awareness, mindfulness and breathing techniques.

~ led by Celeste/sub Sarah Jane

Yoga with a Chair


Using a chair can enhance and deepen the execution of a pose. Open to All Levels, each class explores the fundamentals of good posture and alignment. Using a chair is like practicing with your fun, Yoga Buddy!


Physical movement for both pre and post surgery, hip and knee issues, and injuries which require specific assistance is the motivation for this class. The session starts with hand-eye coordination exercises to music, and develops into sequences to enhance flexibility, strength and balance. The class always ends with a deep relaxation.

~ led by Celeste

Yoga Nidra

These midday sessions are designed to rest your brain. No special outfit needed, stay in your work clothes and come and rest awhile. After a very short while, you will leave mentally refreshed and ready to tackle your next work shift.

Yoga Nidra is a restful session, enjoyed lying on the floor or sitting in a chair. There is no physical exertion, as the guided meditation results in easing mental tension.

Open to everyone; no previous experience in Yoga necessary
~ led by Celeste

Restorative Yoga

Using extra props like cushions, blankets, and sandbags assists in deep physical and mental rest. Paying attention to regulating the in and exhale and taking a pause from the busyness of our lives, Restorative Yoga can take one into deep states of stillness, peace and tranquility. We practice staying close to the floor, so practitioners must be able to get down to the floor and up again without assistance.

~ led by Celeste

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is about balancing the body and mind. ‘Ha’ represents the sun, and ‘tha’ the moon. The practice of Hatha yoga aims to balance these two energies. Static poses are held longer and flow sequences are more moderate than vigorous.

Class limited to 8, locals only at this time.

~ led by Howie Baral

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is a form of hatha yoga that is easy for everyone to access. Whether you’re new to yoga, still in the early stages, or looking to learn more advanced poses, Iyengar yoga will inspire you. Iyengar yoga emphasizes precision and alignment to integrate the body, mind and breath. B.K.S. Iyengar devised the use of props such as bricks, straps, blankets and bolsters to help students attain poses or ‘asanas’ safely.

~ led by Jayne Lloyd-Jones

Sadhana: Meditation & Pranayama

The regular practice of mindfulness meditation with breathing practices to lay the foundation of stilling the mind is collectively called in Sanskrit: Sadhana.

In this early morning session, we will practice fundamental breathing practices and basic techniques of sitting comfortably.

Watching the rhythms of our breathing and observing the thought waves in the mind without attachment to these thoughts, allows the mind-field to calm and a peaceful state to emerge.

The session is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. Chairs are available if sitting on the floor is not an option.

~ led by Celeste

EveryBody Stretch

EveryBody Stretch is a guided stretch class using the emotive tones of classical music to enhance and develop every stretch and movement and is most popular with the 55 plus age group but it is open for EveryBODY! Participants are encouraged to stretch comfortably within their own limits. They will feel the benefits of a regular stretching routine. Regular exercise can lower blood pressure, gives one better brain function and can increase one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Join Catherine in this unique class and stretch out your body, relax your mind and enrich your soul in this fun supportive class.

~ led by Catherine


The common states of fear, anxiety, depression, despair, restlessness, and numbness, to name a few, visit all of us; sometimes for a short while and sometimes they outstay their welcome. Meditation offers us a practical and meaningful way to relate to these mind states, and to help cultivate the opposite states of ease, contentment, love, and joy.

The evening offers meditation instructions, guided meditations, and useful suggestions for sitting positions. A Dharma talk is offered, and a brief time for discussion.

Please bring your own cushions and blankets or a shawl. Chairs are provided for those not wanting to sit on the floor.

This class is suitable for beginners or seasoned practitioners.
~ led by Nicola

Shake Free TRE®

Come experience Shake Free TRE® – a simple and natural way to release stress and tension by resetting your nervous system through self induced shaking.

In our body and mind we carry tension from past trauma and injury. This tension is exhausting and weighs us down, ultimately affecting our health and prevents us from living our best life!

TRE® is a set of 7 simple exercises that were created by Dr. David Berceli. These exercises stimulate an instinctual shaking mechanism (tremor/vibration) in the body that releases deeply held tension patterns and brings the body and mind back to balance and harmony.

TRE® is meant to be a helpful tool you can use anytime you feel exhausted, tense, stressed or overwhelmed. Once you learn how to stimulate the tremors you can use them anytime you need to release tension and come back to a state of balance. You will be able to shake off unwanted energy and move forward with ease and vitality!

This class is $25 dollars and is limited to 8 participants.

To register please send an email. You will be asked to fill out a form to determine if TRE® is the right fit for you. There is also an option to book a private online session for beginners.

I look forward to connecting and sharing with you!

“Sometimes you don’t know the weight of something you have been carrying until you feel the weight of its release”

~ led by Mardon Dary Certified TRE® provider

Hula Classes

As there are many aspects involved in hula, this class will be directed in part by the interests of the participants. Each class will begin with feet movements (basics), and will include some Hawaiian language, history and cultural practices as well as dancing hula kahiko (old style) and hula auana (more modern).

~ led by Lisa Erck

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