Class Descriptions

Mixed Levels Yoga

A multi-level session for the enthusiastic and bold and for the novice stepping out to explore and to learn new skills in body awareness, mindfulness and breathing techniques.

~ led by Celeste

Yoga with a Chair


Using a chair can enhance and deepen the execution of a pose. Open to All Levels, each class explores the fundamentals of good posture and alignment. Using a chair is like practicing with your fun, Yoga Buddy!


Physical movement for both pre and post surgery, hip and knee issues, and injuries which require specific assistance is the motivation for this class. The session starts with hand-eye coordination exercises to music, and develops into sequences to enhance flexibility, strength and balance. The class always ends with a deep relaxation.

~ led by Celeste

Restorative Yoga

Using extra props like cushions, blankets, and sandbags assists in deep physical and mental rest. Paying attention to regulating the in and exhale and taking a pause from the busyness of our lives, Restorative Yoga can take one into deep states of stillness, peace and tranquility. We practice staying close to the floor, so practitioners must be able to get down to the floor and up again without assistance.

~ led by Celeste

Yoga Flow

A vigorous vinyasa flow of traditional Hatha Yoga poses and sequences. “Vigorous” means strong, healthy, and full of energy and together we add some fun. Optional light weights may be added as additional challenges for those wanting to help tone the body and challenge the mind. The class is geared to intermediate to advanced students but all levels are welcome with options to make the class as challenging as you want it to be. Remember, the most important part of yoga is your outfit! Well, actually, it’s your attitude! So bring your outfits and your positive energy and let’s rock this class with some cool music added to help enliven the class!

All classes are by donation. Suggested donation is $20 or whatever you can afford. Class limited to 10. Please email to register for classes, [email protected].

~ led by Howie Baral

EveryBody Stretch

EveryBody Stretch is a guided stretch class using the emotive tones of classical music to enhance and develop every stretch and movement and is most popular with the 55 plus age group but it is open for EveryBODY! Participants are encouraged to stretch comfortably within their own limits. They will feel the benefits of a regular stretching routine. Regular exercise can lower blood pressure, gives one better brain function and can increase one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Join Catherine in this unique class and stretch out your body, relax your mind and enrich your soul in this fun supportive class.

~ led by Catherine

Hula Classes

As there are many aspects involved in hula, this class will be directed in part by the interests of the participants. Each class will begin with feet movements (basics), and will include some Hawaiian language, history and cultural practices as well as dancing hula kahiko (old style) and hula auana (more modern).

~ led by Lisa Erck

Creative Vinyasa

Themes are interwoven into a dancing slow flow practice. The teaching style focuses on fluid form, embodiment and moving meditation. The mandala sequences are creative and passionate; balancing powerful softness and supported gracefulness.

~ led by Li Mei


The common states of fear, anxiety, depression, despair, restlessness, and numbness, to name a few, visit all of us; sometimes for a short while and sometimes they outstay their welcome. Meditation offers us a practical and meaningful way to relate to these mind states, and to help cultivate the opposite states of ease, contentment, love, and joy.

The evening offers meditation instructions, guided meditations, and useful suggestions for sitting positions. A Dharma talk is offered, and a brief time for discussion.

Please bring your own cushions and blankets or a shawl. Chairs are provided for those not wanting to sit on the floor.

This class is suitable for beginners or seasoned practitioners.
~ led by Nicola

Crystal Bowl/Harmonic Toning Sessions

The Crystal Bowl/Harmonic Toning sessions are about bringing deep clarity and clearing for all the energy centers of the Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies. Sound is a wonderful tool to bypass mind-chatter and access core, subconscious issues, while also providing a means of release for these very issues.

The mood of each session is very relaxed leading to deep meditative states.

In each session, we begin with the intention of being present with the light and love that already exists in each of us. We become witness to a deep healing presence radiating into and extending out of our hearts. This healing presence becomes greatly magnified as we join our hearts in a group setting.

These sessions are non-denominational and all-inclusive which are especially open to those in need of physical, mental or emotional healing.

~ led by Adam Huber

Vijñāna Yoga Series

Vijñāna in Sanskrit translates to intelligence, knowledge and understanding. In Vijñāna Yoga we turn towards our inner wisdom.

In this series, we bring this awareness to our mat as we move through the seven vital principles of Vijñāna Yoga: relaxing the body, quieting the mind, intent, rooting, connecting, breathing and expanding. Each class explores meditation, pranayama and asana while cultivating a deeper practice from the inside.

This meditative yoga series welcomes all levels!
$127 for 7 classes | Sept 23 – Nov 4, 2021

~ led by Tara Galpin

Tensegrity Repair Series

The Tensegrity Repair Series is a movement sequence designed by Gioia Irwin of Vancouver, BC, which focuses on tuning into the myofascial network of the body, and how it relates to our skeletal structure. Done mostly lying on the back, these movements help to tone and strengthen the core, breakdown knots and adhesions throughout the body, and rehydrate the fascia for greater joint mobility and overall balanced and connected body function. Relaxing, yet invigorating, the Tensegrity Repair Series can be helpful in recovery from injury, chronic pain, or stress related tension, and can also provide a stable base from which to grow your yoga or movement practice.

Suitable for all levels, including complete beginners
~ led by Hanna

Hatha Flow

Be guided through a flowing sequence of breath and movement to connect to the deeper stillness within. In this class, we will poetically weave principles of alignment with traditional Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom. Come to explore your inner landscape as Brooke invites you into moments of reflection and meditation both before, and after you move.

This is a class for all levels, and is also open to folks with no prior experience of yoga asana.

~ led by Brooke

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