Crystal Bowl/Harmonic Toning Sessions

Crystal Bowl/Harmonic Toning

The Crystal Bowl/Harmonic Toning sessions are about bringing deep clarity and clearing for all the energy centers of the Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies. Sound is a wonderful tool to bypass mind-chatter and access core, subconscious issues, while also providing a means of release for these very issues.

The mood of each session is very relaxed leading to deep meditative states.

In each session, we begin with the intention of being present with the light and love that already exists in each of us. We become witness to a deep healing presence radiating into and extending out of our hearts. This healing presence becomes greatly magnified as we join our hearts in a group setting.

These sessions are non-denominational and all-inclusive which are especially open to those in need of physical, mental or emotional healing.

~ led by Adam Huber


Sep 29 2023


7:30 pm


Ganges Yoga Studio
122 Lower Ganges Road Salt Spring Island
Adam Huber


Adam Huber

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