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Morning Retreat with Chétana Jessica Torrens

August 16th, 10 am-noon
Chétana Jessica

Join Chétana Jessica (CJ) for a morning self-care retreat where you’ll listen to timeless poetic verses from the Upanishads and the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and explore together how they relate to our postmodern lives. The retreat will offer a medly of techniques like sounding, a variety of meditation techniques, symbol-inquiry and a closing to help you take the practices home with you.

Please email Chétana Jessica to register:
[email protected]

About Chétana Jessica

Chétana Jessica has been teaching and writing about Yoga and holistic living both in Canada and India for the last two decades. She has an MA in adult education and an MFA in creative writing and enjoys finding new ways to share kernels from the Indian wisdom traditions and to explore together how we can apply them to our modern lives in community. She teaches through a holistic and life-affirming approach to Yoga.