Hatha Yoga: All Levels

with John Howe

Tuesdays 4pm – 5pm

Hatha Yoga is a moving meditation class whereby students are encouraged to breathe in a relaxed slow way while practicing various asanas, (postures). The class begins with a gentle warm up to prepare the body for more demanding poses, which can sometimes be simple and/or challenging. Variations of each posture will be offered to enable ALL to move through a full range of motion regardless of physical limitations or experience. Relaxed, slow nasal breathing will be emphasized throughout the class activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Mindful breath work promotes ease and relaxation during both rest and excertion. This class provides a carefully curated set of postures, and mindful breathing, enabling the body, heart, and mind to become one.

Cost: $15 drop-in | $100 for 8 prepaid classes

Drop-ins welcome. Registration recommended, email John Howe at jkhowe54@gmail.com

Johns Yin & Hatha Yoga