Slow Flow

Six Week Yoga Series

6 week series beginning April 24, 2024
Wednesdays 5-6 pm

This series is perfect for anyone new, returning to their yoga practice, or simply wanting to enjoy a slower pace. The practice will be meditative as we will hold each pose for several breaths, emphasizing peace and calm in the body and mind all while experiencing the benefits of improved strength and flexibility. Your understanding of yoga will deepen as class themes are inspired by yoga philosophy. This series is designed to help you tune into the sensations of the body, rhythm of the breath, quiet the busy mind, and find the still point within.

The Slow Flow Yoga Series includes 6 weeks of classes for $99 or $20 drop-in.

No mat? No problem! The studio has mats and props that are free to use.

Registration is required for this series. For more information and to register, email Deb at

Slow Flow Yoga Series poster