The Inner Path

Yoga Tour with Zamir

Date: October 15th from 4.30-6.30pm

Cost: $15-25 sliding scale

The ancient seers of yoga tilled the spiritual soil of India with seeds of knowledge and practice that form the entire foundation of yoga that we know today.

The Inner Path Yoga Tour is about connecting you to this powerful wisdom tradition in both its cultural and scientific dimensions

Through story, song, poetry and dialogue, you will voyage the land of yoga with new eyes. Zamir weaves the history and mythology of yoga into a rich tapestry for the imagination, accompanied by mantras and poetry from sacred texts.

Our first tour stop features masterful sitar music by Prosad. He will provide a raga performance, and then we will all join together in kirtan with Blaire Francis and the New Seeds.

By the end, we bind the sacred web between tradition and modernity to catch a vision of yoga for our time.

Bring your curiosity and your questions, your aspirations and your doubts, as we travel the land of yoga and send you back with new signs and symbols to light your way.