Vocal Freedom Singing Circle

with Blair Francis and friends

Tuesdays 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Explore the freedom of your voice in a fun and safe musical container! No singing experience necessary!

Vocal Freedom Singing Circles are an excellent way to meet, uncover, exercise, develop, hone, strengthen, refine, and fall in love with your own personal voice!

With the power of music guiding the way, we enter into the collective field with simple musical warmups that are easy to follow and super activating, allowing us all to open up our voices as well as our hearts, as there is very little separation between the two.

As we open our hearts and soften our minds, our voices begin to emerge, letting go of old stories, old patterns, old feelings, old blockages, etc. that hold us back from becoming the full expression of the voice within. This work engages deeply with our trust faculties and asks of us to trust the inner guidance within (often called Spirit, Source, Higher Self, God/Goddess, Life). This is usually a point of major awakening and breakthrough for so many people, as we begin to recognize we don’t trust that inner spirit as much as we like to think we do! This is a major part of the practice!

$10-25 sliding scale (at the door)

If you have any questions, please email Blair: