White Light Meditation for Celeste

Healing remotely through meditation and visualization

Mondays and/or Thursdays 8.00pm – 8.25pm

As a result of the recent improvements shown in her CT Scans, Celeste is now using bright White Light to facilitate her healing. She welcomes you to join her in this heart centred meditation for continued success in healing. As we focus our collective intention, we gather merit for personal healing as well.


Please prepare yourself in a quiet, undisturbed space at 8:00pm and use the first 10 minutes to shed the day and empty your mind. We start together at 8.10pm and finish at 8.25pm.

Meditation & Visualization

Visualizing the same image together makes the meditation more powerful.

8.10pm ~ begin

    • As Meditators we visualise Celeste, present, in the centre of our circle.
    • A bright white light appears from above and encompasses our gathering. This is a cleansing light, a pure white light, that saturates each one of us.
    • Allow this light to intensify and to transform any shadow lingering within or immediately around you.
    • Let this bright white light now enter into your heart space and feel its presence there, noticing the intensity and brilliance that it brings. Sit with this for a moment as you allow for the light to dissolve and transform your heart space into Love.
    • Now shift your attention to Celeste in the middle of our circle, and direct that light to her body.
    • Let the light be like water, dissolving into her physical being to seek out shadows and to clear out dead cells, poisoned cells and cells with the intention of harming her.
    • Let the bright white light activate her Immune System to rid the Cancer from her lungs, lymphatic system and the bones of her rib cage and spine.
    • See this bright white light healing all her cells and regenerating new healthy cells.
    • This is the light of Love, capable of healing on all levels and for each one of us.
    • Now see this bright light emitting powerfully from her. See her as radiant in health, happy and complete.
    • Thank the light and give thanks for your own continued health, and for the love we have in common with our shared intention.

8.25pm ~ end

Say quietly to the group of meditators, to Celeste and yourself:

May we be filled with lovingkindness
May we be well
May we be peaceful and at ease
May we be happy
Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi

Important: Stay in a neutral energy, open to Love. See the light and trust the process.