Hello wonderful Salt Spring Community,

A couple of years ago when Celeste was diagnosed with cancer, she worked with a healer who suggested she work with a particular healing meditation. The community had the idea to create a group to do the healing meditation together, one evening a week. The intention of the group was to gather together in service of healing: for Celeste and anyone else who felt they or their loved ones could benefit from some focused attention and well-wishes.

As many of you know, Celeste has rallied spectacularly and is now again in need of this same type of attention. No doubt, there are many others in our community who could also benefit. So, we are going to start up again!

Please join us for this free healing meditation circle that will take place each week on Zoom. Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 7:45pm.

Each week we will follow a similar guided meditation and there will be a little time before and after for people to speak into the space of their experiences, and of any loved ones for whom they would like to dedicate the benefits of their meditation.

The circle will be gently guided by Marcia Burton, a counsellor and mindfulness facilitator, who holds Celeste in her heart as a dear friend.

The circle is open to anyone who wishes to attend. If you have questions, please email Marcia at marciaburton369@gmail.com.

We will use the same Zoom link each week: