Our Story

Ganges Yoga Studio est. in 2000

In March 2020 Ganges Yoga Studio found a new home in the heart of Ganges and we were all geared up and ready to go until the peculiar events of the pandemic closed us down before we had even opened our doors. It wasn’t until June/July that year that classes started, slowly and in controlled bubbles.

We stayed healthy throughout, and are now ready to welcome you all back to our newest venue. We are local and central and accessible in the very heart of Ganges.

Established in 2000, the brainchild of Celeste Mallett Jason, Ganges Yoga Studio started in Grace Point Square. Morley Meyers, the famous Sculptor (now deceased), assisted in shaping her dream of the first Yoga Studio in Ganges. This was not, however, to be its last incarnation.

The popular Al Fresco Restaurant became the first and original Ganges Yoga Studio. Gallery 8 now enjoys this space, and the suite next door where Gabrielle Jensen has her Gulf Island Framing Studio, enjoys what was once Studio Be, the little sister studio to GYS.

Here, we ran a variety of classes and happily hosted workshops with popular West Coast Teachers: Julie Gudmestad, Michael Stone (now deceased), Matthew Remski, and Peter Sterios to name a few. Jamie Sieber performed an intimate cello concert here.

One highlight was hosting the display of Ancient Buddhist Relics on tour…exquisite remains of great teachers delicately displayed as small containers of pearls and precious stones. Extraordinary!!

From here GYS moved to the beloved Bowling Alley on Kings Lane, where Jurgen Rueber renovated the then defunct restaurant into a modern 1200sq ft practice space. This was fun! Although we had a short lease, we had lots of memorable occasions here, hosting wedding parties, play rehearsals, Trance dances and Kirtan events. and more blessings and visits by venerated Buddhist teachers.

…and in the meantime…..the sweet sister Studio Be transformed into Still Point Yoga Studio!

The old liquor store had moved out of the back of the Harbour House Hotel and in we went! Freshly painted walls, new windows and a cork floor created a sanctuary for intimate gatherings, meditation circles and smaller workshops for specialised classes: Scoliosis, Back Issues, Depression and Anxiety and Internal Spring Cleansing. Celeste’s popular Sunday Restorative classes were a highlight here.

Sadly the Alley was demolished and the Harbour House changed hands, so we were on the move again, this time landing at what is now the Wellness Centre on Hereford Road. More extensive renovations later, I thought this would be the last move we would make and settled into 5 years of continuing to build on my broad student base.

Life happens and here I am again! In a new studio, the 6th incarnation of Ganges Yoga Studio, looking out over Ganges, which has been my anchor through over 20 years of teaching in our Village. This time transforming what was once the original Credit Union and later a carpet and window treatment store to our present meeting and practice space!

Like many business owners in Ganges we have witnessed changes, adding to them with our own, and I am proud to belong to a core of folks who have persevered over the years for the love and passion of our Community, yes even on those hard days!!

I love what I do, creating sacred spaces for people to settle into, to be mindful, reflect and to be still, to move and groove and gyrate and sing!

Keeping Ganges Yoga Studio alive has been a great joy. The space continues to enable young teachers to practice their craft, and to bring people together in Community to share experience, and to grow. Ganges Yoga Studio continues its commitment to offer professional instruction to anyone wishing to explore transformational growth, to share in community and common humanity, and to benefit from the effects of self care and realization. We look forward to meeting you here!