Our Teachers & Facilitators

Celeste Mallett Jason

Celeste has lost count of the number of years she has been teaching (over 35 years and not quite 40 years). She started first as a school teacher in the land of her birth, South Africa.. Her love of the Sea and the spectacular landscape of the Cape, and physicality of Africa, left such a deep impression, that the language of Nature continues to inform her teaching. Living on a Farm on the West Coast of Canada breathes life into her, inspires her, and keeps her humble.

Celeste has studied various forms of Yoga, with many well known Yoga Masters, but is particularly drawn to the Therapeutic aspect. She dives deep into Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga and loves to assist folks pre-and-post surgery, either in Private Sessions or in her well-loved Chair Yoga Classes. Mixed Level classes are always fun, comprehensive and do-able, as she believes Yoga Asanas are more accessible than we realize.

Creating Sacred Spaces is also a passion, yet to Celeste, seen as a service offered, for folks to come together to share both collectively and independently, their interpretations of their own Divinity.

Catherine Bennett

Catherine’s strength lies first in her passion for teaching. Her classes are supportive, encouraging and inspiring. Offering well-grounded, sound exercise, at an energy level that suits the individual. Catherine is continually mindful of good practice. Motivated to be the best she can be and a true believer in all forms of exercise as the route to sound health. She truly loves what she does!, Catherine was encouraged to apply her teaching skills to the Health Industry through fitness and has developed a variety of unique class styles which she has taught over the past 35 years. She is a fully Certified Fitness Instructor and her CPR and First Aid certification are annually updated.

“The joy which I strive to instill in myself motivates me to share with, and inspire all class participants to reach new levels of fitness and good health.”

Howie Baral

Howie Baral

Ever since I was young, movement and challenging my body have been a way of life for me. From gymnastics to martial arts, I found a challenge to test my focus, strength, and athletic ability. It was while I was training for my black belt 2nd degree in Tae Kwon Do when a friend invited me to a yoga class. It was with Bryan Kest, in Santa Monica, the creator of Power Yoga. I was amazed and challenged like never before in my life!

I began to discover a renewed joy and passion! Wow, a moving meditation, letting go of my ego, reducing the noise in my head, and listening to my body more, all in one simple yet profound movement with the breath. I stopped my martial arts training and dove all-in to my yoga practice. After 15 years of practice, I took my first 200 hour RYT (registered yoga training) in Hatha Yoga, and then another 300 hour RYT in restorative yoga and began teaching 8 years ago.

I love sharing my passion of yoga and know whatever inspiration students find in my class or any other yoga class they take, comes from within their own desires and their own passions and their own abilities. Any teacher is simply a guide to each yogi’s path! I am so grateful for all my teachers who guided me. I look forward to also guiding every student who finds their way to my classes and I’m grateful for the passion and inspiration they show me as well! Namaste, Howie


Adam Huber

It has been a long and circuitous road which has led me to become a sound energy facilitator. It all began many years ago with a severe autoimmune disorder which consumed my life for 11 years. This brought me into the realm of alternative physical and Spiritual practitioners of all sorts. But it wasn’t until I completely surrendered into the grace of one deep prayer that things changed. Within a year of that prayer, all symptoms disappeared when I finally met the one healer that was directly in my path.

This sparked within me an understanding of which direction I was to take and has led me to the place and position where I am in facilitating deep transformation through crystal and voice sound energy.

Tara Galpin

Tara Galpin

Yoga has been an integral part of Tara’s life since 2009. She has completed a three-year, 800 hour Traditional Yoga Apprenticeship with Cathy Valentine and a Vijnana Yoga International teaching certification with Orit Sen Gupta. Through years of study and teaching, Tara has deepened her understanding of yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama and asana practice. Her classes focus on listening to our inner intelligence and allowing this wisdom to guide our practice. She is also a gardener and a beekeeper, with a strong love for the body and the spirit. Tara lives a life dedicated to seeking truth and living in the heart.

Tara Galpin

Deb Cobon

With a background in figure skating, Deb has cultivated a relationship to her body through movement from a young age. Her yoga journey began in 2008 when she was introduced to Vinyasa yoga in Victoria, BC.

After the sudden loss of a loved one, Deb immersed herself in the practice as a way to move through the grief and connect back to herself. After many years of experiencing the transformational and healing powers of yoga, in 2020, Deb completed her 200h YYT with Ryan Leier of One Yoga. Deb is primarily a student of the Krishnamacharya yoga lineage.

In Deb’s classes you’ll be encouraged to make your practice your own by approaching each class with intention and curiosity while listening to your body and following the rhythm of your own breath.

Simone Artz

Simone Artz

Simone Artz is a Mother, Women’s Mindset & Entrepreneur Coach, Sound Healer, Yoga
Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator & Cacao Lover.

She has been practicing yoga since 2017 and it was a huge part of her healing process during treatment and recovery for Breast Cancer…she finished her yoga teacher training the day before undergoing radiation, and Sound Healing through her Crystal Bowls was also an integrative part and process of her journey. She weaves yoga into her everyday through her
early morning Cacao, meditation & movement ritual and routine. She is trained through the Transcend Academy Of Breath since 2023, and has used this powerful modality for subconscious breakthroughs, ancestral work and busting through limiting beliefs.

You can experience her love for Cacao (she is co-owner of Pacha Powder Organics, a
Ceremonial Cacao and Superfood Latte Blend business ran locally here on Salt Spring Island) though her Women’s Yoga, Cacao & Sound Healing events at the studio.

Simone is offering Women’s Breathwork Sessions (which also includes a Crystal Bowl Healing). Though the potency of CCB (Conscious Connected Breath) you will release held emotions and stress, shed narratives that no longer hold you and dive into the depths of your true being.

Simone can be found through her website www.thesoftforce.co and her instagram
@thesoftforce (except all of the above, plus some off the cuff humour!). She is a true lover of life and joy!

Ari and Piet

Ari & Piet

Ari and Piet have a combined 80 years of performance experience. They perform on and off stage regularly and keep looking for opportunities to improv their tool kits. As a teaching duo they have complementary skill sets which say nice things about them; Like, ‘you look good in that cape’, or ‘I’m happy you’ve found your calling, now please get down from there’. As devoted performers they serve the all knowing master of Improv Yesandres, the twenty foot tall dragon king who invented improv. It’s really not that bad.


Jerome Acosta

Jerome Acosta has been in the fitness industry for over two decades and uses proven modalities to safely and effectively work with a broad range of individuals, from therapeutic and special populations to performance and sports specific athletes. Along with being a level 2 fully certified STOTT Pilates™ Instructor, he is also a STOTT Pilates ™ Instructor Trainer, teaching students functional anatomy, posture analysis, and programming in order to develop empowered and knowledgeable trainers. Jerome expanded his education by obtaining multiple MeltMethod™ certifications, focusing on the latest neurofascial science, which has been a large part of his success in helping people get out of chronic pain, increase performance, and live an active life. Jerome also completed his 200 hour YTT from the Mount Madonna Institute School of Yoga and incorporates mindfulness and meditation in his sessions, facilitating even deeper transformation.

In Jerome’s private practice he utilizes the Melt Method, a Pilates Reformer and Tower, a Pilates Chair, free weights, resistance bands and small equipment to address any specific conditions your body needs support with. Experience with : osteoporosis, spinal fusions, disc bulges and herniations, scoliosis, hip replacements, pre / post surgery and cancer treatments and so much more!

Call (250) 221-5618 or email MoveWithMindfulness@gmail.com for a free consultation.

Svea Vogt

Svea Vogt

Svea was born and raised on Salt Spring Island and had the privilege of doing her 200 Hour YTT through the Salt Spring Center of Yoga in 2009. She has taught at past Ganges Yoga Studio locations as a Karma yoga teacher and substitute as well as teaching in Victoria and overseas. Svea practices Hatha yoga with classes that focus on breath, alignment, and accessibility.

All levels are welcome to the by donation Karma klasses, they are beginner friendly and open to the community.

Amy Lavigne

Amy Lavigne

Amy is a 200-hr certified Yoga teacher joyfully helping others to connect the mind, body and breath through her classes. With a warm and inquisitive teaching style, her focus is to create space for exploration and self awareness for her students.

Having a background in studying, practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga, Amy is determined to make Yoga as straightforward and accessible to as many students as possible through modifications, clear cuing and alignment. Beginners to all levels of Yoga are welcome.

When she’s not on her mat, you can often find her exploring sustainable living practices, or taking walks in the forest in search of wildlife.

Jane Lloyd Jones

Jayne Lloyd-Jones

Jayne is a certified Iyengar teacher. She has practised yoga since she was a teen, experiencing yoga disciplines all over the world. When she discovered Iyengar yoga, she felt an immediate connection with the precision and depth of the approach that B.K.S. Iyengar had masterminded. She loves the balance that the practice infuses into her life. The breathwork is especially helpful in calming a busy mind. She has been teaching Iyengar yoga for over 15 years.

Jayne’s classes distil the essence of her Iyengar yoga practice and the wisdom she has gathered from senior teachers over the years. She has studied three times in India, with the Iyengar family at the Ramamani Institute in Pune, and in Rishikesh. She aims to pass on to her students the ability to find joy and acceptance in life’s ups and downs, while helping them to build up their strength, balance, and suppleness.

Jayne’s classes are suited to all levels. Regular practitioners will be guided to explore the poses more deeply, and props can help all students to extend themselves while practising safely. Each Iyengar class is unique, and includes a sequence that may include standing, seated, prone, supine, and twisting poses as well as inversions, often with use of the ropes.

If you have any questions, please contact Jayne at (604) 657-4329