Our Teachers & Facilitators

Celeste Mallett Jason

Celeste has lost count of the number of years she has been teaching (over 35 years and not quite 40 years). She started first as a school teacher in the land of her birth, South Africa.. Her love of the Sea and the spectacular landscape of the Cape, and physicality of Africa, left such a deep impression, that the language of Nature continues to inform her teaching. Living on a Farm on the West Coast of Canada breathes life into her, inspires her, and keeps her humble.

Celeste has studied various forms of Yoga, with many well known Yoga Masters, but is particularly drawn to the Therapeutic aspect. She dives deep into Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga and loves to assist folks pre-and-post surgery, either in Private Sessions or in her well-loved Chair Yoga Classes. Mixed Level classes are always fun, comprehensive and do-able, as she believes Yoga Asanas are more accessible than we realize.

Creating Sacred Spaces is also a passion, yet to Celeste, seen as a service offered, for folks to come together to share both collectively and independently, their interpretations of their own Divinity.

Catherine Bennett

Catherine’s strength lies first in her passion for teaching. Her classes are supportive, encouraging and inspiring. Offering well-grounded, sound exercise, at an energy level that suits the individual. Catherine is continually mindful of good practice. Motivated to be the best she can be and a true believer in all forms of exercise as the route to sound health. She truly loves what she does!, Catherine was encouraged to apply her teaching skills to the Health Industry through fitness and has developed a variety of unique class styles which she has taught over the past 35 years. She is a fully Certified Fitness Instructor and her CPR and First Aid certification are annually updated.

“The joy which I strive to instill in myself motivates me to share with, and inspire all class participants to reach new levels of fitness and good health.”

Mardon Dary

Mardon Dary

Mardon Dary is a certified TRE® provider and practicing RMT of 23+ years who owns Pura Vida Massage Therapy on Salt Spring Island. Drawing on her skills from working as a massage therapist, Mardon has a natural gift of helping people feel safe and comfortable, as well as a deepened understanding of the human body. Mardon is excited to offer TRE® alongside massage therapy because it empowers people to be proactive in their own healing journey – and learn how to heal themselves.

Mardon is passionate about health and wellness and believes that there is always more to learn about the human body and mind, and enjoys sharing this with others.

Mardon has an interest in human connection and understanding Nature. This has inspired her to embark on a personal journey of self realization, meditation and vital living. Mardon has discovered through her own healing journey that the human body has a natural capacity to heal, recover and thrive!

Mardon loves continuing her education in health care to keep living vibrantly, as she firmly believes that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Mardon discovered TRE® in her personal search for natural self care remedies for pain and trauma. Mardon’s own transformative experience with TRE® is her motivation to help others relieve their trauma, stress, and pain and come back into balance.

In 2015, Mardon became certified to teach TRE® to better serve her community.

Nicola Bishop

Nicola has been practicing Buddhist meditation for 26 years and sharing the benefits thereof for several years in her Monday evening Meditation groups in Ganges.

She is grateful beyond words for her primary teacher, Ajahn Sucitto, as well as all the many influential teachers in her life. She had been an active member of SS Insight for 14 years, and is a manager for silent retreats at Stowel Lake Farm.

Nicola is a passionate horticulturist/garden designer, and lover of wildlife, wild spaces, and animals.

Howie Baral

Howie Baral

Ever since I was young, movement and challenging my body have been a way of life for me. From gymnastics to martial arts, I found a challenge to test my focus, strength, and athletic ability. It was while I was training for my black belt 2nd degree in Tae Kwon Do when a friend invited me to a yoga class. It was with Bryan Kest, in Santa Monica, the creator of Power Yoga. I was amazed and challenged like never before in my life!

I began to discover a renewed joy and passion! Wow, a moving meditation, letting go of my ego, reducing the noise in my head, and listening to my body more, all in one simple yet profound movement with the breath. I stopped my martial arts training and dove all-in to my yoga practice. After 15 years of practice, I took my first 200 hour RYT (registered yoga training) in Hatha Yoga, and then another 300 hour RYT in restorative yoga and began teaching 8 years ago.

I love sharing my passion of yoga and know whatever inspiration students find in my class or any other yoga class they take, comes from within their own desires and their own passions and their own abilities. Any teacher is simply a guide to each yogi’s path! I am so grateful for all my teachers who guided me. I look forward to also guiding every student who finds their way to my classes and I’m grateful for the passion and inspiration they show me as well! Namaste, Howie

Howie Baral

Jayne Lloyd-Jones

Jayne has practiced yoga since she was a teen. She loves the balance it brings to her life, complementing her active lifestyle and the sports she practices. Yoga encourages a full range of motion, better balance and alignment, helping prevent injury. Wherever she goes she takes classes and finds great local instructors.

Having lived in England, Kenya, and France before Canada she has had an opportunity to study with many inspiring teachers. Since discovering Iyengar yoga 25 years ago, she has studied in India for two months with the Iyengar family, and has taken workshops with many well-known Iyengar teachers from all over the world. Jayne has taught Iyengar yoga for over 15 years and has her own studio at Hedgerow House. Her aim is to distill the best of her experience into her teaching to bring energy and balance to her classes.

Lisa Erck

Lisa Erck

Lisa lived in Hawaii for the past 18 years and wishes to share the knowledge she gained dancing with the lovely ladies of Halau Manu Le’a Hawai’i. You will have the opportunity to learn some language, history, cultural practices, and most importantly, have fun dancing!
Howie Baral

Sarah Jane

Hello! I’m Sarah Jane and I have been an avid Yoga student for the past fifteen years and a teacher for the past ten. Whether you’re looking to build a solid foundational practice or expand and explore your existing practice, I can help. Students who attend my classes receive high quality personalized instruction and inspiration for yoga practice on and off the mat whether they practice with me in-studio or online. I love to work with students who are curious about themselves and the practice of Yoga. Let’s meet on the mat to explore how a consistent practice can create space in our bodies, minds and hearts so that we have an increased capacity to do our work off the mat.