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Our Teachers & Facilitators

Celeste Mallett Jason

Celeste has lost count of the number of years she has been teaching (over 35 years and not quite 40 years). She started first as a school teacher in the land of her birth, South Africa.. Her love of the Sea and the spectacular landscape of the Cape, and physicality of Africa, left such a deep impression, that the language of Nature continues to inform her teaching. Living on a Farm on the West Coast breathes life into her, inspires her, and keeps her humble.

Celeste has studied various forms of Yoga, with many well known Yoga Masters, but is particularly drawn to the Therapeutic aspect. She dives deep into Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga and loves to assist folks pre-and-post surgery, either in Private Sessions or in her well-loved Chair Yoga Classes. Mixed Level classes are always fun, comprehensive and do-able, as she believes Yoga Asanas are more accessible than we realize.

Creating Sacred Spaces is also a passion, yet to Celeste, seen as a service offered, for folks to come together to share both collectively and independently, their interpretations of their own Divinity.


As a grateful aspirant in yoga since youth, teacher of 17 years, and a devotee of Yoga Master Baba Hari Dass, I am happy to be supporting our practice community with an accent on facilitating yoga chant, scripture study and ceremony.

Catherine Bennett

Catherine’s strength lies first in her passion for teaching. Her classes are supportive, encouraging and inspiring. Offering well-grounded, sound exercise, at an energy level that suits the individual. Catherine is continually mindful of good practice. Motivated to be the best she can be and a true believer in all forms of exercise as the route to sound health. She truly loves what she does!, Catherine was encouraged to apply her teaching skills to the Health Industry through fitness and has developed a variety of unique class styles which she has taught over the past 35 the years. She is a fully Certified Fitness Instructor and her CPR and First Aid certification are annually updated.

“The joy which I strive to instill in myself motivates me to share with, and inspire all class participants to reach new levels of fitness and good health.”

Hanna Munneke

Hanna fell in love with yoga around 2009. Practice became her center point amidst a busy life as the mother of 3 children. She took part in a traditional yoga apprenticeship with teacher Cathy Valentine for 3 years, (800 hours), and became a certified Vijnana Yoga International teacher with Valentine and Orit Sen-Gupta in 2016. She also gained her RYT 200 and 300 Level certifications.

Hanna brings playful inquiry to her classes, while exploring the principals of quiet mind, relaxed body, breath, rooting, connection, expansion and intent. All classes include a short meditation and pranayama. Hanna has taught weekly classes on Salt Spring Island since 2015.

Billie Woods

Yoga has been apart of my life for over 20 years. It is now something I practice daily to bring balance to my life. I have taken a diverse range of teacher trainings to deepen my personal practice. The past 2 years I have focused on Yin. Realizing its the perfect way to help my parents with better mobility I took a week teacher training in Vancouver with Bernie Clark. I have been guiding and teaching part time since then. Yin yoga is my preferred evening practice. It helps process stress from the day and softens my body giving space for a deep relaxing sleep. I can’t wait to share the practice with this beautiful community.