Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Yoga Teacher Training 2024

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The Ganges Yoga Studio Teacher Immersion is a small-group Hatha Yoga training that focuses on implementing a personal home practice, developing foundational teaching knowledge and supporting students on the ever-deepening path of self-development and study.

Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program 2023 Class

This small group immersion is for you

if you are looking to:

  • Amplify the connection to yourself and a small community.
  • Feel the support of a small in-person study group.
  • Create more balance in your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Find simple disciplines to change debilitating habits.
  • Learn to design a personalized home practice.
  • Implement meaningful tools to improve mental focus, physical strength, flexibility, and ease of movement.
  • Increase your vitality with change or challenge.
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program

In this Immersion

you will:

  • Learn the fundamental structure of 25 basic Yoga poses.
  • Learn how to sequence poses for your home practice.
  • Learn how to create and teach a Beginner’s Level public class.
  • Learn how to use everyday objects to assist you in modifying poses for particular conditions/physical challenges and injuries.
  • Study basic anatomy and physiology to understand biomechanics and how to create states of calm.
  • Explore some of the more esoteric aspects of Yoga such as Sacred Sound, Meditation, and Philosophy from a cultural perspective.
  • Create personal connections within a small in-person study group.

Program Schedule

2024 Program:

A Fall/Winter program is being considered for 2024.

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The weekend schedule:

4 pm start
8 pm close
30 min dinner break

9 am start
5 pm close
1-hour lunch and mini breaks throughout the day

9 am start
5 pm close
1-hour lunch and mini breaks throughout the day

Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program


Our meeting and study space is beautiful Ganges Yoga Studio, located in the heart of downtown Ganges, with accessible parking, shopping and coffee shops just steps away from the Studio. The Studio can accommodate small groups of 20 people. This in-person programme is best suited to a small group of 12.

Covid protocols are in place.

122 Lower Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
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Ganges Yoga Studio


Your time is a valuable investment, and we wish you to have the very best experience in this small group, in-person training. The benefits of studying in the small group allows for deeper connections and flexibility within the group, heightened focus, adapting the material as needed, and easy access to each other and the Trainers on the programme.

Cost $3,500 +GST
Payable by e-transfer :
OR by cheque, made out to: Celeste Jason

Payment plans available, ask Celeste.

Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program

What to Expect

Some of the topics included in the syllabus are:

  • history of Yoga
  • introduction to the Yoga Sutras
  • anatomy and physiology
  • subtle body anatomy
  • pranayama, mudra, mantra
  • various styles of asana practice (e.g. Flow, Yin, Restorative, Chair Yoga)
  • asana technique, alignment, modification sequencing
  • Yoga Nidra
  • meditation
  • devotional prayer and ritual
  • kirtan and chanting
  • journaling
  • practice teaching

To complete this course by Yoga Alliance standards you must:

  • Be present for all 160 hours in-person studio participation. If not, together with the Lead Trainer, find a way to complete these hours.
  • Complete the following online modules at (40 hours):
  • 20 hours yoga anatomy (cost included in registration fee)
  • 10 hours Bhagavad Gita (free with 15 day trial offer)
  • 10 hours of Yoga and Science of Transformation (free with 15 day trial offer)
  • Complete all homework assignments
  • Complete payment plan in full
Required reading:
  • The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V. Desikachar
  • Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews 3rd Edition

I enrolled to experience a greater depth of Yoga studies (as opposed to becoming a Yoga teacher), however, in process, learning about yoga teaching was a bonus!

The course far exceeded my expectations, and I’ve met some interesting amazing people who have become good friends! Celeste is a master teacher! She can read her student’s needs and shifts accordingly. She models openness and flexibility. Ganges Yoga Studio is a beautiful venue. It is light and airy and lends itself to individual and group work.

~ Jenny Wahl

This course exceeded my expectations. I did not expect the depth of personal investigation and spiritual inquiry as it was offered to us.

Having the course stretch out over a number of months had many benefits: time enough to accommodate work and or other responsibilities, lots of time to absorb the course content, plenty of time for self-reflection, freedom of time to develop meaningful relationships with the other students and teachers, freedom of time to work through online material; plenty of time to attend daily classes at Ganges Yoga Studio. I found it invaluable to attend classes during the teacher training as it gave me a new perspective on my own practice as well as starting to think like a teacher.

~ Christie Roome

In addition to meeting people, my motivation for taking this course was to develop an age appropriate Asana practice. I now have a better understanding of specific poses, contraindications and modifications.

Celeste is a wonderful lead trainer. She is generous, patient and knowledgeable. The depth of her experience and knowledge made this course very special.

~ Alexandra Montgomery

Ganges Yoga Studio is a most welcoming and appropriate venue.

I enrolled in the course as I wanted to find a way to improve my own practice of diving a little deeper into the limbs and body of Yoga. To understand why the GYS class context brings a joy and ease that I felt to be lacking in my home practice. The answer I found from this course is to practice asana with a theme, structure and mindful focus.

~ Nicholas Courtier

I think the strength of the course was the space created by Celeste (the Lead Trainer) where everyone felt safe and accepted at any level.

I thought Sarah Jane was fantastic! I learnt a lot about sequencing from her safe approach.

Thank you so much for holding the space for all of us and offering me this opportunity! I am richer for the experience and very grateful for what has landed in my being… it is the gift that keeps giving.

~ Cindy Clarke

What can I say other than Celeste is wonderful – her spirituality, knowledge, wisdom, sense of humour, caring nature, and passion for yoga. Initially, it was hard for some of us to make links to some of the new concepts, but Celeste explained the concepts patiently, providing us with many examples.

My goal for participating in the course was to calm my mind so that I could work in hospice. Not only do I now feel calmer, I feel more at peace, so the course met my expectations.

~ Pat Campbell

Sarah Jane is a thorough, experienced and clear teacher. Her module on sequencing was the perfect fit to understanding how asanas work together for a particular outcome. I fell in love with the Bhagavad Gita!!!

The YTT course exceeded my expectations and left me feeling powerful with more tools than ever expected. I always felt balanced and integrated at the end of each day. The Studio felt like home!

~ Tara Hollingsworth


Celeste Mallett Jason

Celeste Mallett Jason

Lead Trainer

Yoga has been an integral part of Celeste’s life for almost 40 years as both a practitioner and teacher. She believes that Yoga has the ability to take the sting out of the many dramas we experience in life.

Drawing from the Traditional, Classical Hatha Yoga lineages of great Yoga Masters like Sivanada, B.K.S Iyengar and Baba Hari Dass, Celeste blends her teaching style with that of the teachings of Buddha.

The Dalai Lama, Pema Chodron and other contemporary teachers like Jack Kornfield and Phillip Moffat, add inspiration to meeting the challenges of the rigours of life, as does Nature which grounds her and reminds her of her commitment to caretaking this extraordinary planet and to walk in beauty with simplicity.

She has deep respect for Joseph and Lilian le Page’s approach to Yoga Therapy and loves to dive deep into Restorative and Yoga Nidra. Assisting folks pre and post surgery in her popular Chair Yoga classes are fun, comprehensive and doable.

She is excited to offer this Yoga training as an accessible and foundational experience, with the hopes that the study imprints a life long practice for peace, health and wellbeing.

Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith

Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Sequencing

Sarah Jane loves the creative art of planning and teaching classes that blend purposeful movement with themed intentions. She skillfully guides students through carefully designed sequences that challenge, inspire curiosity and build mobility.

Known as a teacher’s teacher, she has mentored many new Yoga teachers, helping them refine and develop essential skills that elevate their confidence and classes.

With over 1000 hours of formal Yoga teacher training and over 4500 hours of teaching experience, Sarah Jane has acquired a vast bank of Yoga teaching skills. She is excited to share them with the Ganges Yoga Studio Teacher Immersion participants.

Muneera Wallace

Muneera Wallace

Ayureda Trainer

Muneera is an Ayurveda health coach and educator with 20 years of experience. She is passionate about helping people reconnect with their innate body-wisdom to be empowered in their health.

Muneera began her learning in 2001 at the Pacific Institute of Wholistic Living Inc, in Vancouver BC. She then certified as a Wellness Counsellor from Kerala Ayurveda Academy in California in 2015. She acquired her coaching skills through Yoga Health Coaching in 2019. She is currently pursuing her Ayurveda Practitioner certification.

Muneera runs a coaching practice that blends Ayurveda wisdom with habit-change science. She is on faculty at Vancouver School of Healing Arts and Yoga Outreach for their Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy Trainings.

Muneera lives and coaches on the unceded lands of the Coastal First Nations, on Salt Spring Island, BC. You can often find her playing in the forest with her kids, or dancing in her kitchen as she cooks up fresh, Ayurvedic meals.

Lesley Grott

Lesley Grott

Programme Coordinator

Lesley has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and recently received her RYT® 200 certification at Ganges Yoga Studio. She believes that yoga can benefit everybody and strives to create an environment that in non-intimidating, fun and accessible to all.

Register for Teacher Training

Please complete the registration form below. Once received, you will be contacted by Celeste Jason Mallett to make a personal connection and answer any questions you may have about the training. Once this has been completed, a non-refundable deposit of $750 will be required to secure your place in the training. This deposit is applied to the total cost of the training.

Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program
Ganges Yoga Studio Teaching Program 2023 Class