Awaken to the possibility of cultivating Qi

Saturday, July 1, 8, 22, 29 from 3-4pm

$20 per session

Join us as we Move With Mindfulness in this 4 week Qigong series that is intended to awaken you to the possibility of cultivating Qi. This all levels program will explore the 9 Phases of Cultivating Chi and the 7 Precious Gestures in order to tap into the most profound medicine in the Universe, which comes from within.

There are mountains of research supporting the benefits of these ancient practices, which modern science is now confirming to be true. We aim to release physical and mental tension by combining an aligned posture, with deep diaphragmatic breathing and slow deliberate movements. These Qigong exercises help to increase flexibility and mobility, build integrated muscle strength and control, lengthen and hydrate connective tissue, strengthen bones, heighten proprioception (body awareness), increase balance and stability, as well as improve posture. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to help boost serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels. Helping us to:

  • regulate our mood and emotions
  • balance the hormones
  • help us to sleep better and deeper
  • boost our self-esteem
  • reduce stress
  • lessen feelings of anxiety and depression
  • help us have a more positive outlook on life

Come and enjoy this meditation in motion at Ganges Yoga Studio; your mind and body will thank you! Contact Jerome Acosta at (250) 221-5618 or MoveWithMindfulness@gmail.com to

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