Attune: Sunday Sound Bath

Hosted by Marie-Jeanne Brouillette

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Payment: $20-$30 sliding scale at the door, or pay online in advance through this link:

Suitable for 15 years old +, all paths of life are welcome within this space.

Doors open at 3:50pm, we ask for guests to come on time & to arrive before 4pm as that is when the event starts and doors will be closed shortly afterwards to keep the container clear sound wise.

Sound Bathing poster

The Attune Sound Bath is a wonderful place to come to let yourself receive and let go with the aid of sound as an ally for relaxation and nervous system soothing. By attuning to the harmonizing sounds of healing instruments, we entrain our cells, energy body and inner waters to resonate in a way that allows us to naturally heal ourselves over time. We nourish the energy body with harmonious tones that shift
our natural energetic baseline.

Most people will find deep rest at a sound bath, while others experience an emotional release, a feeling of activation or subtle energetic movement facilitated by the sounds. Each sound bath is different, bringing us on an inner journey of deep presence with emotion, body and mind. Marie-Jeanne’s approach to the sound bath is compassionate, slow, intentional and grounding. The use of metal singing bowls resonates deeply within the body, having a hypnotic effect.

Other instruments used are: gong, drum, ocean drum, chimes, bells and voice. We will start this event with a brief sharing circle to set intention. Participants are then invited to lie down comfortably for the duration of the sound bath. Then we finish the event with another sharing circle.

Marie-Jeanne Brouillette is an artist, intuitive tarot reader and sound bath practitioner from Québec. Her multi-passionate nature led her to study visual arts for 7 years, and her personal wellness journey led her to explore sound healing in depth while in the midst of a healing crisis in her early 20s. Sound healing took more and more space in Marie-Jeanne’s life as it proved itself to be a transformational, healing and soothing ritual for her own health and nervous system.

In 2019, she completed a private sound bath practitioner training with her teacher Sarah Surrenders, with emphasis on using metal singing bowls as the main instrument for healing in session. One of Marie-Jeanne’s joy is to help others align to their deeper truth and soul resonance in her work.

She holds space in a ritual way, with sacred objects + tools to bring people on an inner journey of self-discovery. She deeply believes that holistic wellness is needed to care for our soul in a world of heightened productivity, and sometimes unconventional approaches are needed when the traditional western approach fails us.