Moving with the Elements

Earth, Fire, Air/Ether & Water

4 week Yoga Series
June 5th – June 26th – Mondays 5:30-6:30pm

Nature is our teacher; it is within, and around us at every moment. We can learn alot from the flow and change of natural cycles and seasons; and the effects they have on, and within our being. When we are in harmony with nature, and feel her rhythms and energies, the more aligned we feel. When the elements within us are balanced, the more vital we feel.

An exploration of the elements within yourself:

  • Week 1 – Earth – Grounding, Centering, Earthing and Connection
  • Week 2 – Water – Flow, Grace, Fluidity
  • Week 3 – Fire – Core, Passion, Strength
  • Week 4 – Air/Ether – Breathing Techniques, Balance and Space

$88 for whole series ($25 drop in)

Contact Li Mei to register for the series.

Moving with the Elements Poster